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Mold Remediation

We don't just cover up mold - we remove it! 

A Affordable Home Improvement Restoration Service (AAHIR) is an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certified mold remediation company that utilizes industry leading techniques and products to remove mold from residential and commercial structures. 

In these photos, this crawl space was completely saturated with water and mold. The second photo shows the results after mold remediation. We were able to remediate the mold using modern, industry-standard procedures.

Mold, Before Restoration
r mold after

Upon notification, AAHIRS will thoroughly inspect the suspected area and determine moisture levels and immediately create an appropriate remediation procedure:

  • The first step in any mold remediation procedure is to secure the affected area and contain the damage as much as possible to protect against any potential allergic reactions or infections for the occupants of the residence, especially children (due to their under developed immune systems).
  • Once the affected area is determined and contained, negative air pressure should be created to insure any contaminants will be ducted out of the residence during removal.
  • The damaged materials can then be removed and the affected area disinfected with an approved anti-microbial solution.
  • Next, structural drying equipment is installed to remove the excess moisture.
  • Upon completion of the drying process, which averages 2-3 days depending on size of damage, the affected area is sealed with a latex-based anti-microbial sealant to encapsulate the previously damaged area.
  • Then, any needed reconstruction can begin.

Moisture Meter

Mold can be a truly damaging issue not only to your home, but if not handled properly can actually be a tremendous health hazard for you and your family. Therefore, if mold happens to become a problem in your home or business, call AAHIRS to provide unsurpassed service and expertise to restore your property and give you a peace of mind - backed with 100% satisfaction guarantee.  

Mold is an ever present issue in humid regions such as the southeast. Mold comes in many forms and there are literally hundreds of thousands of types of mold in the atmosphere. Some mold types are harmful and many are not.

Mold requires two specific components to become present:

  1. Moisture: At 15% moisture, mold growth can begin
  2. Organic food source for mold (wood, paper, cotton, structural lumber, drywall)

Many items used in construction are susceptible to mold growth if moisture becomes present. One of the most common areas mold growth occurs in residential homes is the crawl space or basement areas, mostly due to the close proximity to the bare ground. Once moisture content exceeds 15% in wood or paper materials, such as structural lumber or drywall, mold growth can begin. Once mold establishes growth, it continues to feed and spread as long as moisture levels stay elevated. Therefore, when mold is discovered, it is imperative to contact a qualified mold remediation provider such as AAHIRS in a timely manner.