Water Damage Restoration

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Water Damage Restoration

water damage insulationA Affordable Home Improvement Restoration Service, LLC (AAHIR) offers water damage restoration services 24 hours per day, every day for both residential and commercial properties.

Water is something that knows no boundaries; it is a truly relentless source of damage. If water does happen to enter your residence or business, time is of the essence to remove it as soon as possible to minimize the damage to your structure. The longer moisture is present in a residence, the greater the chance for microbial growth to occur.

water damage crawlspace

The first thing you should do upon discovery of water damage is to call AAHIRS and your insurance provider to begin the process of restoring your property.  Upon notification of a claim, AAHIR mobilizes immediately to assess the damage and estimate the time and materials needed to minimize the damage and prepare for restoration.

Our team of licensed and skilled professionals are trained in all aspects of water damage mitigation/restoration procedures as well as every skilled trade in the construction industry such as plumbing, electrical, structural, HVAC, etc. This is ultimately important due to the damaging nature of water and it’s affect on all of the mechanical and structural systems of a residence. 

water idamage interior Along with proper training and procedures, AAHIR incorporates only the best products in the restoration industry to ensure the highest quality results for each project.   Microban HEPA Filtration units, DriEAZ dehumidification systems and Phoenix Fire Bird Heated drying units are just a few of the industry leading equipment manufactures the AAHIR uses to perform the most efficient restoration possible.

In addition to removing damaged materials and drying the structure, AAHIRS also provides complete reconstruction capabilities. As Unlimited Licensed Building Contractors for NC, AAHIRS not only cleans up the mess for you but can rebuild or renovate any structure residential or commercial. 

Too Much Moisture!

In this image (below, left), we are measuring the moisture content reading of the sub-floor in a home that the water heater failed due to improper plumbing.

r moisture meterMoisture content in building materials, such as the plywood seen in this picture, should never exceed 15%. When moisture exceeds 15%, microbial growth can begin and unless the moisture is removed in a timely manner, rot is certain to occur. As you see in this image the moisture reading is 39.6%, which is considered saturated.

This particular damage was discovered quickly and we were able dry this particular floor in just a few days, saving time, materials, and money for the homeowner.

We Use Top Quality Products

we use Sporicidin products

we useDriEaz products

Phoenix Restoration Equipment

we use Extech Instruments

we use Injectidry Systems

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